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Liquidity for
Staked WSX.

Stake or unstake instantly.
Stake and use in DeFi.
Earn daily rewards.

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Why LiquiStake?

LiquiStake provides maximum flexibility while generating yield

The only liquid staking protocol on SX Network.

Receive staking rewards while benefiting from the flexilibity and liquidity offered by LiquiStake.

Become an owner by staking with LiquiStake.

Get an extra APR in LQS DAO airdrop points when staking with the protocol. Become and owner over time.

Secure and simple staking with

Stake WSX in seconds and start earning. Earn daily APR by holding stWSX or wstWSX.

The Protocol

How LiquiStake works

Step 1


Stake any amount of WSX to access daily staking rewards

Step 2

Receive stWSX

Stake any amount of WSX to access daily staking rewards

Step 3

Use across DeFi

Stake any amount of WSX to access daily staking rewards

By bringing liquid staking to the SX Network we aim to grow the DeFi ecosystem benefiting everyone.

We've taken the first step to building a robust ecosystem and are supporting its growth.

LiquiStake has undergone audits by industry leading security teams.

Read our audit report. We also offer bug bounties, reach out to our team on TG.

Read report

Self-custodial and slashing free. Protocol run validator.

Your keys, your crypto. SX Network doesn't impose slashing penalities like ETH, instead validators providing false data do not receive rewards.


DAO Operations


The community is in control.

LiquiStake enables DAO token holders to vote on important decisions and evolve the protocol together.

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LiquiStake DAO token accrues value over time.

The protocol applies a 10% reward fee and a 1% mint fee, kept in the DAO treasury for the use
by the community.

Built for the community. By the community.

LiquiStake is an open-source project to unlock the value of staked WSX. We're also bettors and want the SX Network to grow to new heights.

Stake with stWSX and wstWSX tokens

Simple & secure staking



Rewards compound over time.
Infinite growth!

Revenue streams

Protocol fee

LiquiStake applies a 10% rewards fee & a 1% mint fee

Top notch & performant

Protocol validator

A high quality validator ensures the protocol is maximizing rewards

Rewards Calculator

Calculate your staking rewards with our widget below



LiquiStake APR


Monthly rewards



Annual rewards



Stake now

Earn WSX every day while you hold stWSX or wstWSX.

stWSX represents your stake and grows in value as you earn staking rewards. wstWSX is a DeFi compatible stable balance wrapper.

Stake instantly.
Liquidate just as fast.

wstWSX trades on SharkSwap and is pegged to the stWSX/wstWSX ratio allowing you to exit your position instantly back to WSX without waiting for withdrawals.

Empower your assets, amplify your gains.

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